Why Astrology

Understandably enough, some who know me may find it very controversial how I ended up learning about this subject despite being a very scientifically oriented individual and professional. In my case then, and after submitting to my wife’s intuition and having a consultation with a renowned Astrologer on my natal chart, I have been shocked by both the amount and quality of my character’s details that were coming out from the planetary placements. It made me wonder; how is it even possible for someone that barely knows me, possess more knowledge on my character than I do?

To elaborate on this a little bit more, I have a firm belief that there are no such things as scientific or a not-scientific fields of study. Science is more of a structured approach and describes our method in how we approach and try to explain things of all kinds. That said, Astrology, that is considered to be more of an art than science nowadays, is nonetheless our best scientific approach yet invented towards understanding our inner workings, our behavior, and the way we think and act. More importantly, it was for centuries bind in one entity with Astronomy, and although now there is a most unfortunate separation, Astrology is heavily dependent on all new Astronomical findings.

I couldn’t find a more suitable way for describing this than quoting Isaac Newton’s words towards someone criticizing Astrology and Alchemy: “I have studied these things – you have not.” Having admiring myself Newton’s genius since my high school years, I just have found yet another reason for looking up to him.

Having taken that out of the way, as one matures with age, it cannot be avoided but to make some introspection. I have found that Astrology is the most effective tool to assist anyone in this enormous and daunting lifetime task. Far more versatile, personalized and objective compared to any psychological method, and far more tailored to a Westerner in contrast to the traditional approaches of the Orient, it can help anyone to know his own inner workings and begin to function in a more conscious way. What is more, if the outcome of an astrological analysis is combined with the findings of depth psychology the results can be exponentially amplified.

At the same time and at a more practical level, Astrology can be used in everyday life in a way similar to how we use the weather report. As one takes into account the weather conditions for a variety of activities, the same can be done by consulting the Heavens and the planetary configuration of that day, or even at the specific place and time of interest. This is by no means telling you what to do. It merely describes the prevailing conditions, like headwinds, tailwinds, an upcoming storm, or a sunny day. What you are going to do with that information is by no means 100% fated. It greatly depends on your own decision making process, your determination, your will or even your likes, and well, there maybe some element of fate in the mixture as well to make things more interesting.

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