Astrology as a framework

There is quite a variability when it comes to what exactly Astrology is, or how can we best perceive it to be. We have heard a lot about it being more than an art than a science, leaving the most of the scientific part to it’s Astronomy sibling. However, science or not science, Astrology, despite being a complete system is the point of reference when it comes to understanding of the workings and functions of archetypes.

Following that, all spiritual and psychological methods and techniques that are based, or are obscurely based on archetypes can take great advantage of Astrology for deeper understanding and to bind any dissociated pieces of information together. That fact by itself, makes Astrology an integrative framework more than anything else. Active imagination, dream interpretation, Shamanic journeys are a few techniques that can be greatly assisted by Astrology in order to facilitate further integration. One can simply take the resulting output of these methods, look at them through the lens of Astrology and let the archetypes emerge through the charts of the Heavens.

At the same time, Astrology is one of a handful of frameworks that allow for timing of events. For timing to be accurate, however, it requires a very high precision of input information. The Computer Science proverb “Garbage in, garbage out” is very applicable in this regard. If this condition is satisfied, any timing sensitive activity may take advantage of Astrology too. Such activities can be the financial markets, business deals, relationships, explorations etc. In this case Astrology can be used as a timing framework in which these activities can be scheduled and carried out hopefully more successfully.

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